Hello, I’m Xiaofang! A product designer who indulges in simple, meaningful, & delightful designs.

I believe that strong partnerships + customer obsession will create the best experience. Currently a senior designer at Microsoft OneNote. Previously at OfferUp, Google, Baidu. Based in Seattle☂️.

OfferUp – Where is my money

Solve the Top 1 complaint came from sellers

July 2018 – Dec 2018

OfferUp Hold Offer redesign

Ramp up to nationwide

Oct 2018 – Aug 2019

Pogo Rides

From 0 to 2000 WAU

Aug 2016 – Apr 2018

Google+ Notifications

Fight for G+ users in the little bell

May 2015 – Aug 2015

Baidu Messenger

A messenger app boosted the efficiency for 45000+ employees


Visual + Motion

Some illustrations + motion design

2016 – Now

I’ve also worked on some internal tools/dashboard/marketing website before

Projects from 2012 – 2016