Post Graduate Resolutions
Xiaofang Mei | 29 April

I know a lot of people have written down their new year’s resolutions. It’s the end of April now. Finally!

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I swear I use no magic at all.
Xiaofang Mei | 1 April

  Some Iterations of My Banner: 2016.4   2015.6-2016.3  The same style timeline infographic 2014.11 – 2015.6   I use

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UX Design Doesn’t Mean Designing Boring Products
Xiaofang Mei | 2 March

I think there is a weird atmosphere existing in the Bay Area. When we talk about design, everything could be connected

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Thesis Mapping: How to Notify
Xiaofang Mei | 7 October

How to Notify Exploring the Field of Notifying Between Human and Machine Introduction When talking about communication between humans, we

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Things I Learned From Internship at Google
Xiaofang Mei | 22 September

This summer, I was thrilled to work for Google+. I really appreciate that my teammates treated me as a real

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Thesis Intro: How to notify
Xiaofang Mei | 9 September

This summer, I spent the whole day to watch Humans, a TV series about some robots with high-level AI and

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Iceberg Installation with Penguin
Xiaofang Mei | 9 May

Project overview This is an interactive art installation used for marketing an app called “Blue Plus”, which aims at stimulating

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What is interaction design
Xiaofang Mei | 7 May

  My attitude for interaction design, presented in my first year final review.

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Inbox: The Gmail’s Cute Pet
Xiaofang Mei | 29 April

Inbox, as it said on the website, “The inbox that works for you”, didn’t say it can replace Gmail, which

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Discursive design and Interaction design
Xiaofang Mei | 9 April

I got a couple of questions about discursive design and interaction design. I thought about how an interaction design can

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