Two experimental apps: Rise and Wire
Xiaofang Mei | 20 February

Rise I like Rise as an alarm. It is simple but delightful. Especially,  when you slide the clock, the background

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Week4: Preparation for Game of Pong
Xiaofang Mei | 16 February

Processing Assignment: Create a class for a rectangle. In the setup() function, create a rectangle anywhere. In the draw() function, move the

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Rethink about Technology
Xiaofang Mei | 13 February

I find all technical products I appreciate can remind me something beautiful in the real world. For example, Airbnb emphasizes on traveling experience

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Week3: Arduino and Processing
Xiaofang Mei | 8 February

1. Raining day (processing) Assignment: Write a processing program which will create a simple drawing using lines, ellipses, and rectangles,

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Week2: Fade With Switch
Xiaofang Mei | 29 January

1. Switch & digitalRead   2. Fade LED 3. Fade with switch I combined the previous examples and build my

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System: Airbnb, Belonging Anywhere
Xiaofang Mei | 15 December

This past summer, my mom told me she wanted to travel out of China mainland. As an experienced traveller, I

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Form Studio: Week 11
Xiaofang Mei | 21 November

I drew a simple flow diagram to explain the process that Martin Venezky taught us. What does this process mean

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A/B Testing for Google Maps: Saved places
Xiaofang Mei | 18 November

Why I want to test this function? What I want to test for Google is the function of saving the

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Form Studio: Week 10
Xiaofang Mei | 17 November
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