Some Iterations of My Banner:

ba0 ba1 ba3 ba4





mei@2x The same style timeline infographic


2014.11 – 2015.6



I use this as my statement because I agree with Julie Zhuo’s article about genius design is the result of brute force.

If you have literally tried every possible variation, you will have come across the best solution.

Brute force isn’t magic. It might even feel uncreative or boring. It’s like learning that what it takes to get a fit and toned body isn’t some miracle diet but just a lot of hours of sweating at a gym.

From my own experience, before I was interning at Google, I thought good UX designers must be some talented people who can come up with the best design, or at least, a few design. When I saw hundreds of design for cards, the part that probably most people would ignore, I was impressed. I learned that there is no secret other than making hundreds of variations, or at least, several possible variations.


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