Thanks for checking out my fun projects  and looking at another version of me. I’m not only a UX designer working on digital products, but also a generalized designer with different range of ideas. I have a lot of projects were not documented, which will be presented in this summer. Hope you enjoy!

Apology Box

Apology box is a discursive design of my thesis projects. My commentary for the fact of apology is that people hesitate to say sorry to someone. They would do other things rather than saying”I’m sorry” to the person,  like buying a dinner, or asking about how they are doing, to cut down some of the guiltiness in their mind.

By taking the metaphor, I made this box. This is not the final version.

Carbon Atom Model for California Academy of Science

The theme of this event is element. So we created a carbon atom model to mimic the inside of the atom. The three motions sensors can affect the electrons’s movement. The whole process is fulfilled with fun. We bought three hola hoops as the track. And we stole a chair in the back of our studio as the basement of this installation. Of course, we will return it back. Check the Huffingtonpost about this event: The California College of the Arts Gets Elemental at Nightlife

Scented Memories

This is an art project for conceptual cartography. I was trying to map my memories by using different scents. There are notes in each bottle which are not very straightforward but would give audiences a hint on what the memory is. Audiences can open the bottle to explore and interact with this piece. I had fun from this project!

Wabi-Sabi Mini Garden

Wabi-Sabi Mini garden is a class project. We were exploring algorithms. I was thinking that I want to make something physically and personally, which made me think of Zen Buddhism.

While compared with Japanese traditional culture, Chinese Zen garden was focusing on harmony. Almost all Chinese traditional garden is symmetric. So I decided to use the Japanese wabi-sabi garden as a final result and let people to make their own wabi-sabi garden based on their personalities, their family members’ personalities.

Project Details

Date: June 20, 2015

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