This project is titled Unquantified Self.

Many years ago, a book I was reading said: people keep buying things to put their things in that new thing. We buy a closet to storage our books, clothes. We buy a house to put all things in that. We are living in the world fulfilled with containers.

I’m not a person who will organize my room everyday. It always happened for me to take things from my container and not put them back. Sooner or later, I might find a better place to storage them. Or I just left them there. I want to create a data visualization on how my things travel in my room. what I took from the container, and how they move to the next place. I’m creating the user experience of my room and crafting the new relationship with my things.

How my belongings move



By taking from my data visualization, I created a speculative app. It is a social media for my traveling objects. Those objects are posting on the social media by themselves.

Project Details

Date: June 23, 2015

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