OfferUp – Buy now for shipping

Magic of one click

OfferUp is the largest mobile marketplace. OfferUp shipping provides an alternative way for people to buy and sell nationwide. Sellers enabled “Buy now” so they don’t need to accept offers when buyers make full price offers.

My Role

UX designer

Project date

V1 2018/05

V2 2019/01 – 2019/02


User testing

Rapid prototyping





Who I work with

Product manager / Engineers / Business operation analyst

“Largest mobile marketplace”

“App of the year (Geekwire)”

“Top 3 shopping app”


  • Increase conversion from shipping “item view” to “offers made”

1. The entry point is tricky

2. The discoverability

Summary: People are confused about pickup and shipping when presented with “Ask + Buy now + Make offer”

1st test: People can choose Chat or Buy now or Make offer

3/6 selected “Buy now”.  2 mentioned “Buy now” is for shipping. 1 person clicked all 3 buttons and understood everything.

7/7 thought “Buy now” means purchase with full price but didn’t mention whether “Buy now” is for shipping or pickup.

2nd test: Ask people to pick up

2 / 5 thought “Buy now” is for pickup.

3 / 5 didn’t like making offer to pick up (we didn’t test our current UX for pickup)

Suggestion:  Reduce the confusion for “Buy now” & “Make offer” for dual status items. Keep “Ask + Make offer” as it is.

Project Details

Date: April 21, 2019

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