I know a lot of people have written down their new year’s resolutions. It’s the end of April now. Finally! I finished my 99% thesis work! I want to write down my post graduate year resolutions.

1. Raise a bunny and create a set of Gifs for it!

Having a bunny is always my dream. I felt so sad for the loss of my bunny Ashun. But next time, I want to create a set of Gifs for it and share them in WeChat! Because I’m interested in motion design after I learned After Effects recently.

2. Motion explorations

Motion design was a mysterious area for me. But after creating my first sets of motion explorations, I don’t think it is a hard thing for me anymore! I want to create more motions.

3. Writing more articles and share them

I didn’t share my previous articles in Medium. I want to share more thoughts on Medium in the future.

4. Exercise 

To keep a healthy life, I want to restart swimming, a skill I learned since I was a kid.


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