I think there is a weird atmosphere existing¬†in the Bay Area. When we talk about design, everything could be connected with Internet. I’m not suspecting that technology would not reach that level to connect everything. But the question is: Do we really need everything connected? Do we really feel comfortable when everything is quantified? How about measuring awkwardness? I don’t think this is the right way to push technology forward. For designers, I don’t think this is the right way to think about design.

It seems like when we talk about UX design, we are turning everything into an app product, to user retention, to sustainable ecology. For me, I don’t think UX design means turning everything into an app. I do think that is the right way to think about product when you are working in a company and making money. What I don’t agree is that thinking in this way all the time, even you are not making money by this project. As a designer, thinking outside of the box, especially the box of product design, is the best practice to generate more interesting or creative ideas. If we just keep thinking everything as an functional app, we are losing our creative and provocative ability as a designer.



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